I am a true empath and I am never wrong.

“Oh please, that’s just not possible. Only sociopaths and narcissists think they are right all the time, and they are the opposite of empathic.”

Yes, that is true. Of course no one can be right…


A COVID ALLEGORY by Sean Arthur , seanarthurart.com

So you live on the West Coast. The weather is wonderful because fire season hasn’t started yet. It’ll be horrific when it comes, but for now, smooth sailing.

You go the market, you pick up your Significant Other at…

Why American Cannot Re-elect Donald Trump, the Twisted King

Donald Trump is America’s Dark King. And the Nation no longer needs him.

A Radiant King or Queen would have be able to accept defeat with the tacit acknowledgement that the Republic is more important than the win. But Donald Trump…

Artists and the Scarcity Principle: truth behind demand, marketing and the importance of originality in your art.

Or, how Original Art, Marketing and Demand really work.

You’ve created something. Congratulations! Why should anyone give you anything for it?

The reasons are many, despite what your ego says. If you want…

WHY THE HELL NOT? — A deep rebuttal.

This article is a deep rebuttal to the New York Times article “Can a Woman Who is an Artist ever Just Be An Artist?”

Last year, November 7 2019 actually, novelist Rachel Cusk wrote a long, complex feature article, published in the…

The Best Artist Paint Makers in the World, a 2020 Survey

List of Makers of Handmade Artists’ Paints

This article originally appeared on my Blog at seanarthurart.com . VISIT!

Unfortunately just after I finished this research the Covid-19 virus pandemic descended upon the planet and I don’t know if all these small paint makers are surviving. …

How to price your creative output

Making a living as a ‘freelance’ creative person is tricky. One great question is: How much to charge?

Conventional wisdom says not to charge too much at the beginning. This is a problem. You should also not charge too little!

Should you create for…

Sean Arthur

Artist, author, analyst, creative. seanarthurart.com . You will just have to read my postings to get to know me.

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