Is there a dimension to human sexuality that is beyond our conscious control?

Or, Men are Implements, Women are receptacles.

Sean Arthur
23 min readJan 11, 2021

Allow me first to clearly state that while my ‘proofs’ may follow logic, they are only anecdotal and experiential, so none of what I conjecture should be taken as fact; rather, these are ideas to be tested scientifically. I request these ideas not be debated on moral or ethical merits, but tested with science. Prove me wrong with reproducible evidence.

Now, here is the culturally dangerous question: is there a dimension to human sexuality that is beyond our conscious control? And if there is, what does that mean to our sense of identity, our ‘free will’ or ability to ‘choose’, as well as the laws of the State and cultural prohibitions? And what message is “human evolution” giving us when we encounter this dimension of our selves?

I propose that men and women can experience life-altering paradigm shifts of self-identity through sexual experiences, events that change the person forever. That change their brains.

Before we continue, I say this to all men (because I will only speak here for men): regardless of what you believe or understand at any moment, you must respect all sexual partners as persons who have a right to choose what happens to themselves. Even if you know better. Even if it means a woman (or man) may never discover their deepest sexual nature or discover fully who they really are or might be. Give them a choice when you have that power. Respect them as persons.

To some of these moments of ‘awakening’ just about everyone can admit. The first time a male ejaculates. Losing one’s virginity. A female’s first orgasm. But these are just the beginning stages of a much vaster world of experience.

The most astonishing paradigm shift for the male is, I suggest, the first time that ‘The Beast’ in them emerges during love making and takes control. The male realizes that the apparent use of their sexual apparatus is a veneer behind which lives an uncontrolled, raw, sexual power that can emerge and take over the body. The male must from that point forward deal with the responsibility of living with this power inside him. He experiences through this power; he is connected with it.

For women it is the opposite, a moment when, willfully or against her ‘will’, the woman’s body takes over and does things and experiences things for itself, leaving the woman’s consciousness a powerless observer. After this experience the woman cannot feel the same about her ‘self’ and her body. The ‘relationship’ is different. This is a pivotal moment in a woman’s life, depending on whether the experience is felt as positive or as harmful.

The female experiences detachment, her sense of self outside of self-control, and to feel whole again must reconcile the dichotomy between this ‘in control identity’ and the autonomy her body has demonstrated.

The message from our biologies is clear: our bodies know what they want and need regardless of whatever nonsense our conscious brain believes. Your body always tells the truth: the human body can not lie, even if its messages to you contradict your ‘beliefs’, even if you ignore your body and its signals, and in this revelation is the paradigm shift.

How to be more clear about our topic?

What I am referring to exists openly in popular culture.

Artists create cartoons in which men and women morph into animal (bestial) forms, all of which has a constant sexual subtext. There is a whole sub-genre called ‘Worgen’ in which the characters appear human in form but morph into anthropomorphic wolf form, in which a key component is sexual gratification for both sexes. The idea of the male turning into a werewolf is a personification of ‘The Beast’ having emerged fully into reality and demonstrating the fear we feel if this energy and form goes unchecked (by the ‘person’ — or human self-identity who has switched places and is now ‘inside’). Has large Freudian undertones.

In popular culture how this bestial transformation occurs in males deliberately remains an unknown. Aside from the beast form emerging because of the full moon (why?), how this happens, the mystery, is part of the danger.

So we have women menstruating at the end of their monthly cycle and men running around in bestial form raping and destroying? I don’t know. Seems unfair, and rather biblically sexist: women hide your shame, the men are on the loose.

The woman’s revelatory experience is definitely different.

The how is quite explicit in popular culture: generally after an exhausting amount of penetration and exceeding what she imaged was the limits of her sexual capabilities, the woman has had her ‘mind blown’ — paradigm shifted. Specifically she reached a moment where she either consciously surrendered control or (in some cases) involuntarily ‘lost control’, not to anyone or anything, but from her own ego and super-ego (to use Freudian terms). She would have felt that her body had taken over and acted on its own.

When this happens the woman faces a new physical and existential reality: the human body always tells the truth, and this is what her body wanted, and will want in the future. Even if what ‘this’ turns out to be is culturally taboo or politically incorrect (as she has been told or perceives). She now must reconcile the truth of her experience with her existing beliefs and self-image.

Her experience forces an acknowledgement that another part of her being knows what ‘she’ needs even if the conscious ‘she’ does not want that herself.

In popular culture, when the sex act is between a man and a woman, often the male is depicted as taking most of the credit for this. But this is a fantasy. At best, the man has responded correctly to the signals the woman has given off, and she to his. But mostly it was luck. Perhaps this is the real reason we seek multiple sex partners. To find that almost magical ‘fit’.

The male wish is that our sexual hero (thus us if we are male) caused this to happen. This is a distortion of reality. He was so forceful! Or so skilled or oral, or not oral but all vaginal, or kinky or not kinky; his penis worked so well, it was so big; his fingers were magic; I didn’t notice his size because it felt so good in my mouth, my vag, my ass, between my cheeks, my tits; he was so patient, so relentless, so innovative, so risque. He was romanic, he was dirty, he was dominant, he was gentle, he was unusual. How peak sexual experiences happen is as varied as all else in the human experience. Finding the person whose pheromones make you sizzle and you them is more important than anything else. I assert.

The male experience differs. It may be revelatory or enlightening; and perhaps frightening, depending on the circumstances. I assert that men’s ‘wiring’ , between brain and body is much simpler and more direct than the female, which makes the experience of ‘The Beast’ taking over certainly surprising, the first time it happens, and the paradigm shift happens not in the moment but after.

Whether it is pent up sexual energy, reacting to a partner’s signals, specific sequences and duration of love making, some other series of actions, or skill on the part of his partner, during the sex act the man can suddenly feel ‘the beast’ (when emerging he recognizes has always been inside him) take over. Usually during coitus. This feels like an unstoppable wild animal, a penetrative juggernaut over-riding conscious control. There are elements of raw physical strength and adrenaline. The entire body swells with power, muscles flex and the man becomes unstoppable. Pure Freudian Id unleashed, the single goal deep penetration culminating in ejaculation. There are as well feelings of anger and rage in the background, of almost punishing, and certainly of deliberately subjugating their partner. And the male lives through this, not detached from it.

For most men (I would guess) this is probably a positive experience. One becomes an ultra-alfa in the moment of the sexual act.

Has this happened to you? Suddenly overwhelmed by this massive energy empowering your physique and without thought you pick up your partner, even though you are only forty or fifty pounds heavier, and while standing, mercilessly abuse them of your erection holding them in the air as if a rag doll. No? Oh, too bad.

If the male understands their partner has had a positive experience, they can feel reassured. Even empowered. The negative part of the experience is that after coitus one might learn they have been too rough or have frightened their partner. Or if one does not know or has been culturally conditioned to reject homosexuality, and upon feeling ‘The Beast’ come out during gay intercourse, a male would certainly experience a much more immediate, profound and complicated paradigm shift. This gay sex is what my body wants!

Women relate on Internet confession sites how they ‘brought out the beast’ in their partner, or how ‘the beast came out’ and they were powerless to stop it. Some relate how they felt fear the first time they experienced this, but many relate how their loss of control, their partner’s dominance, the roughness, the astonishing physical power and their partner’s desperate need of them made the experience astonishing.

Men unfortunately have more difficulty identifying a woman’s peak “moment”. The woman can become passive, even catatonic (and some times not in a good way), or the opposite, aggressive. Sometimes partners are quiet, unable to make a sound, and sometimes are very vocal, even non-sensical. And when you are younger you can make love until both pass out from exhaustion and you, the male, can miss the moment.

Personal observation relates that when a woman has been brought repeatedly to full body orgasm and then lies motionless, completely sated, eyes closed, with her buttocks exposed and whispers “Do anything you want” is probably a good clue that she has surrendered to her deeper self. One guesses.

But try to find scientific studies that clearly define and measure the active brain structures and human physiology that brings about these very human experiences! The studies don’t seem to exist. Why? Why is every other aspect of human health being researched down to the last synapse but not the sexual experience? We study every pathology down to the cellular level and dissect every other brain and body function down to the last nerve ending, but we don’t know how peak erotic human experiences transpire? Or “They” do know, but it’s a big secret?

“Fringe culture” explores this endlessly and has done so for millennia. Look up the wiki for The Venus of Willendorf. Read Camile Paglia’s “Sexual Personae” for starters.

So its not like we don’t care or don’t think about it.

Let us work through some logic on this, starting with the differences between men and women.

We can safely state that our sexual functions are diametrically opposed: men are implements and women are receptacles.

Men are machines. There is even a popular but medically oriented book called “The Male Sexual Machine”. But there is no such corollary for women. Women’s bodies are not at all thought of as straight-forward machines. Men’s brains are rather directly wired into their sexual organs and it is hard (lol) for a man to miss when he is becoming aroused. The guy has to be asleep or majorly distracted. Simply put, men are sexual implements whose function is to stimulate their partner so they will accept their DNA, and then deliver that DNA.

Women are receptacles. Women’s bodies are built to receive (penises and ultimately DNA) and then contain a life, should that occur. But women’s bodies are NOT built and do not function to indiscriminately receive male sexual advances. I contend the opposite is the case: a woman’s body ‘knows’. It can detect which person is a good match, what it is attracted to. Sexual attraction is not at all a conscious event. We learn of it after its been working on its own.

I suggest that the goal of the female sex drive, the ultimate purpose of her sexual system is to have picked the partner her body believes can bring to it the greatest experience it wants at that moment.

The ultimate goal of the male sexual system is to be the first person to correctly detect what a potential partner’s body wants and then act correctly on that information.

As far as I can find out, we still really don’t know well the entire bodily system that makes this happen, in both women and men. We are still making ‘discoveries’! The full clitoris was not accurately described by (Western) medical science until 1981 and there was no 3D model of its ‘wishbone’ shape until 2009! And women have had this organ since…um, the beginning?

We have discovered that parts are wired up differently body to brain, woman to woman, with different variations and different sensitivities inside and outside the body. The evolutionary function of these variations appears to be that each new partner must do a lot of searching and experimenting, as well as the person herself, to understand what the woman’s body wants.

And as such, I suggest that the male ‘match’ to this evolutionary requirement is the highly tuned, super sensitivity that men can have in understanding and interpreting the ‘signals’ a woman’s body and behaviours send out. To the point where men can intuitively understand what a woman’s body wants before she consciously does herself.

As an aside, I suggest that this is why many women subconsciously expect men to know what they are feeling and thinking all the time, even when the woman has not verbally explained anything: if her man can know her so well when she’s feeling sexy or romanic or horny, then why can’t he know her when she’s worried about grocery shopping, or her BFF? Because we aren’t fucking the grocery store! And we aren’t psychic, we’re sexual.

If these ideas have truth, then part of what a man is built to do in sex is learn how their partner’s body works. The man can’t just be a thrusting apparatus and fulfill his ‘machine’s’ potential.

How, for example, is a woman to know there is an orgasmic trigger spot deep in the back of her vagina unless he, she (or partner) sticks something in there of the right shape and feel and goes rooting for it when in the right position? Most naturally one would guess the male’s penis would be the obvious choice, but often another object is needed to reach that deep. In evolutionary terms, Why? Regardless, the male learns to deliberately work with the woman’s body to discover what might cause what reaction. Similar can be said about anal sex. As one Internet post said, “If God didn’t want me to have anal sex why did she put a G-spot up my ass?” Or this: “What makes me cum real hard is when you fuck my ass in just the right way; it feels like you’re rubbing my G-spot from the other side.”

Why (from an evolutionary perspective) is the ideal distance between the tip of the clitoris and the opening to the vagina one inch (2.5 cm), after which the frequency of vaginal orgasm from penetration rapidly diminishes (slightly relative to the size of the penis or item). (So I guess some research is being done! I stand somewhat corrected). Which means, if you have a long vulva with a low vaginal opening (close to the anus presumably) and a small high clitoral head, you might enjoy thicker penises (or items) that can put more pressure on the clitoral sides. But you still won’t have the same experience from penetration as the ‘short distance’ women who experience extreme clitoral stimulation from penitration. Or this might make you search for a partner who enjoys lots of foreplay and giving direct clitoral stimulation. But again, why? Just some random genetic variation?

In contrast, ask any man where their sexual organ is and what parts are the most sensitive and how it works, and you’ll get the same answer over ninety nine percent of the time.

Men thus seem destined to explore only a few options for sexual arousal and climax. Their organ, their sphincter, the prostate and in general the area around their genitals seem to be the whole package. Thus as contended, men learn that their dynamic in the sexual union is to use their highly tuned sensitivities to excite their partner to pursue sexual ‘fulfillment’ (whatever that might be…).

So clearly different functions.

All ‘evidence’, I contend, shows that our ‘gender sexual wiring’ is diametrically opposed in the sexes. The male machine is hyper self aware and the female ‘sexual system’ works subconsciously (truly separately on its own) for its own ‘goals’. If it has ‘goals’.

From this I suggest we can make another claim:

I suggest that evolution has resulted in a female body wired into the brain such that the woman is actually an observer, an adventurer and discoverer, an interpreter of her own body. And that some women intuitively understand this and some do not, and some are forced into this realization. The result is that a woman must, throughout her whole life, deliberately explore and learn of herself, and she must submit control to her body to discover its full sexual reality.

Men, however, quickly learn that their purpose is to maintain the health of their sexual machinery, attain mastery over its mechanics, and employ the hyper-awareness of their system where it extends to understanding a partner’s physical and subconsciously expressed signals, and then revel in the journey they are able to experience with that partner.

Again: the result of these two behaviours is that in specific situations a man may be able to sense or even consciously understand what a female body is doing before the female person herself becomes aware or fully aware, and this interaction is the male’s ultimate sexual goal.

If true, this is what makes men so scary to women, so threatening.

It is not the strength, not the anger, nor the aggression, (which are admittedly dangerous); not the phallus or the semen or even the physical invasion that is so terrifying. The male threat comes from knowing that men have a potential to communicate directly with the woman’s body, even against her conscious will, to understand and interact with her “subconscious sexual being”, (sometimes to the point of fulfillment), and most dangerously to the point of conception, without her conscious permission.

How can we say this? Women testify to experiencing such ‘paradigm shifts’, to self-altering revelations, involuntary orgasms and unexpected and unsought pleasures from taboo experiences. Even pregnancies. They testify to their body’s wanting to receive ejaculate even when they do not, showing that their body wishes to conceive with this man, even if consciously the woman’s ‘self’ believes it is a bad idea.

With personal experience and sometimes in cultural reference men seem to learn that such interaction is possible. But how does it happen? (asks the young male trying to understand his sexual roles). A male fantasy exists that the size of their penis or their technique or their swaggering ego or their sexual aggression is responsible. While factors, probably not. Probably what happens is equally beyond the deliberate determination of both parties.

My emphasis here is on the female experience, through which we can infer some of the male experience. To illustrate, here are several confessions posted on the Internet. These are people needing to tell others of their experiences.

Confession one, transcribed thusly:

After the baby I had no sex drive and my husband was so good he understood and we didn’t have sex. But when breast feeding my nipples made my clitoris tingle and sometimes secretly I would have a sort of orgasm from the baby sucking. I felt weird and ashamed but it did feel nice. But I didn’t want sex, and even the thought of my husband’s penis was gross. Where we live is very hot in the summer and I would wear only a light silky wrap to stay cool and make nursing easy. One day when nursing my husband came in, I didn’t hear him, my legs were open it was so hot and my clit was tingling and he saw me and said it was the most erotic thing he’d ever seen, and pulled out his penis, which got hard and he masturbated. I told him he was disgusting but he said if we weren’t doing it he’d watch me. A few times later when he was doing it I told him he could slowly put it in and see what happened. He was very gentle and it felt so good and the baby was happy nursing and that made me even more turned on. My husband liked it and said it was good and when he came in me I came too. I love it so much. Now we do it like that every few days but we don’t let anyone know.

Here is another anonymous confession on the internet, but very sad, which I transcribe thus:

I was raped. I hated it with a passion, but my body loved it. And I hate that. And I cannot reconcile the two experiences in my personality. As it was happening my ego hated the violation, the subjugation, and I resisted. I struggled with my assailant, verbally said ‘no’ and ‘stop’ and I meant it. Yet at the same time his overpowering strength and my humiliation seemed to super charge my brain, like this is what my body was waiting for my whole life. My clitoris was on fire and my vagina clamped around his erection by itself and being filled with him made my whole body climax over and over. It was the biggest and longest orgasm in my life. I also hated that he knew his violent sex was making me climax, as if he realized he knew my body better than me. Now I hate my vagina and clitoris because I cannot orgasm unless I recall his dominance and stimulation from my emotional memory. And the nice boyfriends whom my feminist friends approve of do not arouse me in the least. I need that raw power again. I wish I could sew it shut and have it go away.

And another one:

I hope I am not pregnant because I met this really handsome guy at a party and we went to an empty bedroom and made out. He was so hot, he said he’d pull out but when we actually got to fucking something happened and he went wild and started to really hammer me. I should have tried to get away, or say something but nothing came out. Then he pinned my arms behind my head and kissed my boobs and suddenly my body just gave in and I locked my legs around his back even when I thought I should get away, and let him pound me until he came and when he did I had a massive orgasm too. I actually heard myself say, “Harder” at one point! When I could finally stand up and get out of there I was so wet it was still running down my legs. My pussy is sore today but it was the best sex I ever had. I just hope I’m not pregnant.

These confessions are not unique. There are many similar on the internet. Not all are violent violations, some are consensual but unexpected, but in all the core message is “astonishment”. These women are surprised, astonished that they did not know, and therefore may not know yet, what their body wanted and might want. In many cases the women cannot accept the message that their body is telling them or accept that their body can act against their conscious desires. This seems to be a core part of a women’s experience.

Here is a counterpoint to the experience related above. Another confession that went on at great length, which I summarize thus:

“After a wild party I saw my friend and this other guy DP this woman, whose husband everyone knows is a terrible drunk and someone already dragged home. What happened was she really wanted it and they only did what she wanted, so I didn’t try to stop it.” The woman chose the two men and initiated the sex. She said what she wanted, enabled the anal penetration, chose the positions and invited the second man to vaginally penetrate her. The second man asked for confirmation “You sure?” and she confirmed. When both penises were inside her she told them, “I’ve dreamed of this for so long!”. Both men found the act awkward. The woman openly encouraged them to be more aggressive once her body had accepted both organs. “Harder! Fuuuuck me, really hard!” This appeared to push her over some limit. The look on her face changed and she stopped being a passive recipient and repeatedly drove her lower body down hard onto the penis in her rear. After a few minutes she grunted hard and froze. Her eyes rolled up into her head and she held her breath. The man on the bottom responded, “Hold it! Hold it!”. Both men froze, fully inside the woman. Her entire body then went through several violent spasms, seeming to focus on her pelvic region. Then she gasped, her eyes refocused and she ended the penetration by slipping off the men. The two men stared at her all curled up, still shaking, and she said, gasping, “I completely lost control of my body! It was doing stuff, by itself and I came so hard. Oh my God it was amazing!”

Further illumination comes from the results of an experiment I read of back in the mid 1980’s, (sorry I can’t find it on the Internet). The best I could find is here: and I quote: “with total sample sizes of 2,505 women and 1,918 men…there was a statistically significant gender difference in the agreement between self-reported and genital measures, with men (r = .66) showing a greater degree of agreement than women (r = .26).”

In other words, enormous differences in awareness of arousal between the sexes, with men much more aware by many degrees.

In the study I read the researches sought to measure persons’ awareness of their levels of sexual arousal. In the experiment college age men and woman, some of whom were sexually active and some less so or not, had their bodies monitored for levels of sexual arousal. Sensors measured their body’s activities including brain activity and the autonomic system. Genitals, heart, lungs, stomach…basically everything in the body that reacts automatically to both external and internal stimulation.

A truth detector test for getting turned on.

But the goal was not to find out what turned whom on, but that once the sensors showed that the brain and body were becoming aroused, how quickly did that individual become consciously aware of their arousal.

The ‘subjects’ were isolated, hooked up, and shown pictures. Again, the issue was not how effective were visual stimuli (because we already know that men are far more aroused by visual stimuli than are women), but how quickly the subject was able to indicate an awareness of their arousal, which was done with the simple push of a button.

And men were much much MUCH better at this than were the women.

Admittedly this is a “Duh” moment. If a man’s penis is changing it is difficult to miss. Again, though, not the point. We knew there would be differences.

As anticipated both groups fell into a bell curve. The men’s curve was steep on the time-line, the woman’s much more spread out. Some were very quickly aware (comparatively) of their sexual arousal. There was a large “average” group in the middle with less variation, and some were much less aware.

But what was astonishing was that the two groups barely over lapped. The most aware women were barely as quick to realize their sexual arousal as were the slowest men.

There were men who could almost instantaneously recognize that their heart rates, breathing, and blood flow had changed, even before anything was notable in their genitals. As if they could sense the chemical changes happening in their body when sexual arousal was starting.

At the other extreme there were women who were sitting in puddles. The monitors indicated their vaginas elongated and lubricating, labia swollen, clitorises stiffer, heart and blood pressure were up, and yet these women still could not identify that their bodies were aroused. Literally, “No, none of this turns me on.”

And there were no men who, once tumescence had begun, had failed to recognize what was happening.

Another more recent study in 2020 confirmed that men can actually smell a woman’s sexual arousal from the chemicals her body gives off. Yes, this study had men smelling sweat pads of women who were being fucked (by their choice of course) and sweat pads of women doing non-sexual activities like running in the gym or accounting. And most sexually experienced men could tell the difference! Source at:

This is not to say that women do not smell or detect and get aroused by the chemicals men can give off when sexually stimulated. I believe that women actually have better olfactory abilities than men, but contend, like in the above study, that they have more difficulty than men identifying exactly what is happening in their bodies.

But this makes sense. The human body reacts to chemicals and the human body releases chemicals. And when it comes to sexual attraction, hyper-awareness seems to be how the male machine has evolved.

The male corollary to the woman’s ‘mission’ (of discovering how her sexual system works and integrating her body’s ‘wants’ with her conscious psyche) is one of piloting ‘the machine’. A man realizes he needs to master and integrate his sexual energies and needs, his ‘drive’, with his reproductive intercourse machine. The male goals, the male experience, is to gain control his erection, to find that part of his brain that controls ejaculation and manipulate it (so as to stop its process or start it at will), to get erect again moments after ejaculation if wanted. To develop an ability to ‘feel’ a woman’s ‘energies’, respond positively and then remember, thus ‘becoming a better lover’ with each new partner or at least new session with the same partner.

Women learn there is not much work a woman needs to do to fulfill most men, but a better experience happens when they discover what makes a man respond as they prefer (more aggressive, less aggressive, longer, “Bigger, Better, Faster, More!” (1994)…whatever). More difficult, however, is learning how to deliberately bring out “The Beast”, or stop The Beast from emerging, depending on what they want. I haven’t found much about how that might work.

Ultimately, when we put together these two truths, when we get two bodies that have subconsciously chosen each other and two persons who have integrated their sexual and erotic realities into their conscious psyches and then are willing to explore the possibilities of their sexual, spiritual and psychic union one may attain a mutual, simultaneous ‘dissolving’ of the egos through sexual practices into a single shared and sustained cosmic union. Literally together you leave reality. The ultimate paradigm shift. As I have been told. But also attest to first hand.

And that is why we are made as we are.

BUT, what then does such revelations tell us about our ‘rights’ as persons and our ‘free will’ ?

I am not challenging social and culture rights. YES, a person’s right to choice, to privacy, to self-direction, to liberty, to be free from oppression, assault and harm FROM OTHER PEOPLE is the purpose of society and culture. Or at least a good one. But we DO NOT have built in, inherent rights or choice over which model of ‘wet machine’ we have been born into. We got what we got, and the Universe does not care. It’s a raw deal: we are less owners than we are custodians of these vessels.

But in an evolutionary sense the evidence shows our ideas of autonomy, self direction and ‘rights’ is failing miserably, as evinced by our collective human overpopulation. Just about everywhere in the world there are too many people. Even places which seem sparsely populated. Ask any indigenous elder who is still connected to their ancient culture about ‘sustainability’. We are killing the planet from our self-ignorance.

Clearly our bodies, our ‘wet machines’ simply do what they do. I suggest then that the greatest achievement of an individual, supported by their community and society, is to use their freedom to become a fully fulfilled, fully realized person, a large component of which is to learn completely who we are physically and thus sexually. And thus, as knowledge is power and power allows control, we can become the ‘masters’ of our vessels. Or at least the navigators.

We may only inhabit our bodies while in this reality, but that does not mean we are incapable of learning how to master the vessel we have been given.

Sadly there is no end point built into our DNA transfer system, no failsafe, no deadman switch. We can’t even theoretically realize all the combinations of DNA that are possible! Which means it is up to our conscious self to control our reproduction.

This article in Quora:

states that the number of possible different human beings that DNA can create is ‘essentially limitless’ , mostly owing to the reality that human DNA continuously mutates, so there will always be new combinations possible. So far 108 billion people have lived and died on this planet since we clawed ourselves out of the last major ice age, and the ‘human experiment’ continues without an end in sight.

Not very ‘intelligent design’, to create an infinitely expanding energy consuming system (humans) within a finite sub-system (planet earth) that also exists within a finite system (our solar system). Oh great. But that, with only the most esoteric arguments to counter, is our entire Universe. So this is the design? Depressing.

So I counter: there is a dimension to human sexuality that is beyond our consciousness, separate from our sense of the self and free will, but not beyond our ability to integrate into our personalities, to learn and direct as we make the ‘Self’ into a whole person.

We only need permission from our families, communities and society, or we take permission and suffer the consequences, and the freedom to learn and explore from our cultures, or we leave to find or make a different culture, and then muster the courage to do it.

So do it!

Sean, 2021.



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